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Central Florida Residential Soffit - Fascia Installation Services

Residential Soffit - Fascia Installation Services in Orlando, Maitland, Altamonte Springs, Apopka, Sanford, and throughout the Central Florida area.

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A Soffit is a protective and decorative sleeve that is mounted on the underside of your eaves, bridging the gap between a home's siding and the roof-line. The functioning purpose of Soffits is to provide protection against the rotting and deterioration of the water draining areas of your roof, gutter areas, and roof overhangs.

Soffits help to properly direct moisture and rain away from the structure of your home, while protecting your overhangs, the connective areas of your overhangs and the exterior siding materials of your home, and puts and end to issues relating to staining of the exterior surface of your home or property.

Soffits are constructed of two primary materials, such as Aluminum, Vinyl, Wood, and Composite Materials. Aluminum and Vinyl are the most popular, reliable, protective, and maintenance free types of materials to choose for your soffit needs.

Advantages of Aluminum Soffits:

  • Aluminum Soffits are easy to work with when fitting fitting soffits into varied spaces.

  • Aluminum is a Highly durable material that does not rot, chip or crack.

  • Aluminum is material that is non-combustible, meaning it is a material that is essentially fireproof.

  • Aluminum Soffits do not attract dirt and is a material that is easy to clean.

  • Aluminum Soffits are water-resistant, which make them ideal for environments that receive heavy or regular periods of rain.

Advantages of Vinyl Soffits:

  • Vinyl Soffits are often the most affordable option.

  • Vinyl is one of the best materials for insulating your home.

  • Vinyl Soffits are available in various decorative textures and grains. This give you the opportunity to customization the look you want.

  • Vinyl Soffits will not rot and are durable enough to be resilient against cracking and chipping.

  • Vinyl Soffits are water resistant, which make them ideal for environments that receive a high level of moisture.

  • Vinyl Soffits are easy to clean.

It is important to note that Soffits can also be constructed out of Wood, as well as being constructed out of Steel. We are happy to discuss the material and cost difference between the various Soffit material types.

Call 321.307.6730 about our Residential Soffit - Fascia Installation Services.


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